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Лишайники и биодеструкция

Khodosovtsev A.Ye. 1995: Lichens on monuments in the southern part of Ukraine.  3th International Conference on Biodeterioration of Cultural Property. Abstracts, 4-7 July 1995, Bangkok, Thailand: 335-340.

The lichens involved in processes biological weathering on the marbles and limestones of ancient cities in the southern part of Ukraine - Olvia, Khersones and Pantikapey - have been studied. 11 species of lichens with comparatively small degree of overgrown were found out on twenty-eight of lichen, belonging to 11 genera and 8 families, were encountered. On marble columns and plinths only 11 species were found, all with a comparatively small degreeof cover. In contrast, limestone walls were colonized by 26 species of lichens, which had a large coverage on horizontal surfaces. The main factors affecting the distribution of lichens on marble and limestone substrata are: age of the stonework, inclination of the surfaces, degree of exposure and surface morphology. Inclination of surface is the main factor of limestone, whereas surface morphology is the main factor on marble. It was shown that two types of mesopits are forming under lichens on the surface of limestone damaged by lichens.

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